Celebrating Life…

Logan_07abAs long as I have been alive, it has always been first my Mom’s birthday in October and a few days later Len’s birthday. They just always went hand in hand….

And so, along with the celebration of my Mom’s birthday this past week, there was a sense of knowing, that Len’s birthday would Elliott_07bbe different this year. 

I am not so sure of the notion that he is celebrating his birthday in heaven. I am not sure enough of heaven’s ways to embrace the idea that somehow Len is having a celebration because of the day of his birth…

And so, I am choosing to celebrate Len’s life, although much shorter than what we would have hoped for,  he lived a life of adventure in the days he was with us. Len enjoyed trying new things, had a deep belly laugh, loved spice and flavor filled food and adored his wife and children. On his 49th birthday, I want to remember the goodness of his heart, the passion of his soul, the joy of his laughter and the kindness in his ways of embracing people who crossed his path. 

len familyAs we gathered in those days right after his death, we found Len’s words inked on a piece of paper. They read as follows: “The funeral of an “old man” is not a time for sorrow. Instead, rejoice in the varied color of my life and in the tremendous variety and texture of this family.” 

On Thursday, October 10, 2013, in honor of what would have been Len’s 49th birthday, I take those words and say….On this your 49th birthday, I will not sorrow, but instead rejoice in the varied color of your life and in the tremendous variety and texture of your family.” 

My family is very good at calling for birthdays. I will miss calling Len this year. But in my heart, I will whisper the words throughout the day, Leonard Hugh, .deeply loved, sincerely liked, truly unique and never forgotten Len cottage 2009

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