National Widow/Widower’s Day

I read this tonight on my friends page. I did not know about this day.

I share it because the facts are staggering.

I share it because I have witnessed my Mom’s journey for the last 3 years. She is courageous and she is not alone in the journey. I wonder how often we remember those we know who have lost a spouse, or loved one, after the intial response of sympathy.

As you read this, think of those you know and consider how to offer support and care as the journey a path they have likely never walked before.

💫 Today is National Widow’s and Widower’s Day. It is not for celebration but for awareness. This is why National Widow’s Day matters:

National Widow’s Day is May 3
Did you know… 800,000 people are widowed each year?

Did you know… 700,000 of those are women?

Did you know… most widows live in poverty? (Over 115 million world wide)

Did you know… “death of a spouse” is listed as the #1 stressor on the stress index scale and is considered one of life’s most devastating events?

Did you know… 60% of those who lose a spouse or significant other will experience a serious illness within 12 months?

Did you know… insomnia is one of the most common symptoms for a grieving spouse?

Did you know… most widow(er)s lose 75% of their support base when their spouse dies?

Did you know… after 3 – 4 months most of the remaining support fades for a widow(er)?

Did you know… most widow(er)s lose touch with their in-laws within a year of a loss?

Did you know… it really is possible to die of a broken heart? Widow(er)s have a 30% elevated risk of death in the first 6 months after their spouse death.

Be nice to a widow today, you have no idea what they deal with privately.

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