Spend time with those you love…

We drove to Detroit today for a track meet. It is always good to show up at events where my nieces and nephews are participating. It was fun to cheer Jean-Marc on, and it was worth the drive to support him in what he commits to.

What I always enjoy is the time we spend together after the event. It might be a sporting event, a theater event, or a 4H event, but over the years, we have always made a practice of sharing a meal when we gather for something.

Tonight it was Buffalo Wild Wings strewn all over the dining room table. The conversation was abundant about virtual school, nannying, Noah and Lauren’s upcoming wedding, and a variety of other topics.

I can’t help but envision how my brother would delight in these times if he were still living. He would be funny, emotional, reflective, and profoundly grateful.

In this season, I am feeling tender to the loss of my brother and Dad. As we approach the wedding of Len and Marcia’s son, we will feel the absence of these two guys in our family. We miss them so often, but in special gatherings, their absence is felt deeply.

And so tonight, I marvel at the joy and laughter we still share. I am grateful that even though grief is within us, it has not overtaken us. That even in the ache of saying goodbye, we cherish family time and being together.

At the end of this day, I will say it was a good and memorable day because we spent time with those we love! Sometimes we let life get in the way of gathering. Make the time today to ensure you are spending time with those you love!

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