amazing, simply amazing….

I am a bit awed by how I can wake up on Friday morning in Grand Rapids, travel 14 hours and go to sleep Saturday night in China. We were commenting on how odd it is to miss a day, but I am comforted by upon our return, I will have two Saturdays. We leave China at 650 am and arrive in Detroit at 730 am. I am also thankful that I am delighted with my friends who I am traveling with. We will truly live and adventure this week.

It really is nothing short of amazing that airplanes exist and are means of excellent and dependable and affordable transportation. I find myself a bit anxious if I think about it too much while flying. I was sure I could feel a sway and within moments in my mind, I was sure the wind would turn the plane belly up. I took a few deep breaths, closed my eyes and woke up a few hours later.

And just in case I lost sight of how amazing air travel is, I had the screen up that would remind me of the speed and the height and the outside temp and I would smile and marvel at how very soon we would be in China…

I hope I don’t lose sight of the opportunities I have that are nothing but amazing…

I hope, that even if flights are delayed or seats are crowded or my arrival home is not timely, that I don’t lose sight of how amazing air travel is…

I hope that tonight, each of you will notice something in your life that was simply amazing and end your day with a grateful heart!

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One thought on “amazing, simply amazing….”

  1. thank you for sharing this Trish
    it is amazing to think of you all in China now
    you were JUST in the airport with me
    granted, my bed probably was more comfortable
    and ministry isn’t always comfortable
    blessings to you Trish, and the rest of the team (especially that tall guy with glasses)
    love you all!

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