Messages at my mirror…

I am typically not a very routine person. I live with a freedom and spontaneity that does not always serve me well. A number of months ago, I committed to a routine each morning and each evening at my bathroom mirror. There is nothing magical about my routine.

There is a series of steps to face washing that seem time intensive some days, but I do them anyway.

I am taking vitamins, a power pack, every morning and evening and am surprised how many power pills there are to swallow. I swallow them anyway.

I have glasses to clean, invisalign braces to brush in addition to my own teeth and I am committed to applying lotion throughout the summer to skin that loves the sun. I must say, there are days I walk away on a regular basis and mutter something about my new routines sure are mirror intensive.

And so I have taken time to put some messages at my mirror…

photo 1 (6)

I believe this message and as a single woman, I sometimes feel alone. It is important for me to remember that I am surrounded with people who love me. Sometimes I start to envision the faces of those who love me as I cycle through my Clarisonic face scrub…..

photo 2 (2)

My next message at the mirror is a colorful heart that reminds me that Kindness changes everything! I believe this and yet it is good for me to consider where I have been touched by kindness and what opportunities might I have in the coming day or days to offer kindness. I find kindness to be inspiring to consider and life changing to offer….


photo 1 (7)The next message is stamped on a mug which holds items on my bathroom sink….

The words are simple: Listen…

I practice quieting my mind from the thoughts that fill it, even if they are really good and productive thoughts and I say a prayer that I might be a good listener. I wonder what I might learn by listening in each day and if I will remember that often listening can be more powerful than any word I have to offer. I ask God to whisper loudly in my ear so I can hear His voice and I ask him to nudge me if I am forgetting to Listen Carefully….photo 2 (3)

And the truth is that as I stand at the mirror, I must remember as I move through the unknowns of the day, to Be Brave. I want to be brave in how I live out each day. I want to be brave in how I engage my own heart, the messages I hear and repeat, both out loud and in photo 3 (4)my thoughts. I want to be brave in how I move into the lives and hearts of others. I want to be brave in where I speak and where I am silent. I want to be brave in where I invite more or enjoy all that is being offered. I want to be brave in my skin and trust that sometimes my brave might leave me facing difficult situations, sometimes my brave might cause me to weep and other times my brave will allow me to celebrate. Brave is not simple and yet brave is how I am committed to be.

And so, my time at the mirror is a space where I am reminded that I am alive and there is a world to engage in of people who can impact my life and Lord willing, I might impact theirs.

I am thankful for my time at the mirror every morning and every night and all I can reflect on!

I wonder what your messages are at your mirror. I invite you to place one or two there and see how those messages can bring purpose to your days!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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