Language Barriers…

I have been thinking a good bit about language as I anticipate facilitating a journey group with Chinese speaking women. But in my reflection, I began wondering about how language barriers affect us each in our day-to-day…

We may not be dealing with a different language spoken…but I wonder if what we are saying is being understood.

I realize as I prepare for my week in China that understanding lies with the speaker and the listener. I am choosing my words very carefully for my teachings. I want my words to have power and impact but to be spoken with kindness and invitation. I am paying a lot of attention to my words for my week in China…I will also likely be very tired at the end of the day from the energy that will go into listening. I want to grasp not only the words, but insure I have the meaning intended!

I believe this is my first take home (and I haven’t even left yet), that I will carry as much intention in my conversations with my friends and family as I do with the people I have yet to meet in China.

I invite you to consider your words and their meanings very intentionally this week while I am doing the same in my Journey adventure. My hunch is that we will all learn something about language barriers and how to ensure we are heard and are listening well.

Author: trishborgdorff

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