Grief and loss….

Many of you have been so faithful to journey with me in these last months during my journey of grief. Perhaps one of the greatest reminders I have in this difficult journey, is that there is such power in the community who surrounds you. This is not only true in death and I have experienced the power of community in many spaces of my life. There is such comfort in knowing others are with you, in thought, prayer, presence….

I am overwhelmed in the recent weeks how many spaces I am able to enter into thought, prayer and presence with others who are experiencing loss through the death of a loved one…

smithsJust a few short weeks ago my friends husband died from Leukemia. He was 58. Cheri, Kim and her fiance John, Rachel and Brad are navigating new space in their deep ache. Please pray for them in the coming days and weeks.

This past week I said good-bye to a long time Visiting Angels client. Bill held a very special place in our hearts and we journeyed withbill and andrew 1 him (and his family) as they also said good-bye to his wife and daughter during our years of care for him. Bill was a man who lived in the moment with great delight and humor. Even as his memory faded in the last year, he remembered things to laugh about. His humor and wit were unmatchable and the twinkle in his eyes will never be forgotten. I can easily see God’s grace in Bill’s arrival in Heaven, but he will be missed. Please pray for his children and grandchildren, as well as his angels who will also feel the void in their day-to-day. Tomorrow we will gather to remember his life. It will include laughter, of that I am sure.

This morning I was with dear friends as they sat in the mystery of life and death. In one moment, Paul’s mom was with us, and in the next, our faith invited us to marvel at her presence with Jesus. She struggled with a cruel trish finals event8disease, ALS, and so there is grace in her home going, but there is sorrow in her absence. I am grateful that our Creator has allowed us to feel gratitude and sorrow at the same time. Please pray for my friends as they prepare to say good-bye and support his Dad as he struggles to wonder how to live without his bride of 60 years. I am hoping that the coming days will allow for many good moments of remembering with his siblings and their families.

And today I learned that Brant also joined my many friends in Heaven. This morning at age 54, he took his last breaths. He was declared Brant and Katiecancer free on October 10 and anticipating a stem cell transplant. It is hard to comprehend that the journey to life was ended so quickly in death. Jane and Brant were anticipating years ahead with their girls and their families. It is hard to comprehend why life ends when it does. My heart breaks for Jane, Holly and Jon and Hailey and Katie. Katie said it honestly and well today…Words can’t even begin to describe how much I loved and looked up to my dad. Today I watched him take his last breaths… I know he is not suffering anymore. I miss him so much and I know he is with God and will forever be with me. I love you so much dad, thanks for fighting… You are the strongest man I know…

Tonight I think of the words, when sorrows like sea billows roll….

For each of my friends and their families, for my heart and my family,  I pray we can find space to say, it is well with my soul!

Thinking of each of you and those who love you, and holding you all close to my heart!

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3 thoughts on “Grief and loss….”

  1. Sometimes words fail us, Trish. I don’t know any of these people so why am I crying…

  2. Hey Trish,
    What a lot of loss! It was 4 years yesterday that my dad went to glory! i miss him and my mom, and am so thankful for the last few years with them, which was so healing!

  3. Trish, thanks for sharing and honoring the lives of beautiful people who have touched so many and who now are rejoicing with Jesus. I will be praying for their families.

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