Follow the leader…

Tonight I watched a delightful game of follow the leader….

It wasn’t quite the same as we used to play, but it was clear who the leader was and who the followers were….

The leader was Peter Henry, age 8. His followers are Isaiah age 5 and Johanna age 2…..

The game was never announced, but it simply began. Peter did something funny and Isaiah copied him. When Peter laughed, Johanna copied his laugh. When Peter did something new, Isaiah followed and copied his big brother. When Peter said a crazy something in a very funny voice, Johanna repeated the same thing in an attempt at the same funny voice. When Peter changed gears and offered to read books, Isaiah and Johanna ran for books and loved to follow Peter’s lead.

Peter didn’t ask to be the leader of this game. He just is because he is the oldest. He is admired and loved because he is the oldest. He is looked up to and respected by Isaiah and Johanna because he is the oldest.

Peter is a good leader who is kind and cares about his followers. Although he is not a perfect big brother, for the most part he enjoys that his siblings follow his lead. Sometimes, I am sure it carries some stress with it. I also know that it has its rewards.

Peter is a good leader and I am proud to watch him grow and develop his leadership with his followers. I pray already that his leadership skills will be developed as he matures and that God will use him powerfully. And in time, it will be delightful to see Isaiah and Johanna blaze their own trails as well. I will have to teach Johanna how to play Mother May I with her brothers. I think she just might like to take the lead in that one!

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