The gift of words….

I will be blogging on and off this week about the tapestry party I hosted and enjoyed on September 9, 2011. Some of my blogging is reflective and is about the thoughts and process of preparing and some will be reflective as to the event itself….

Tonight, although the day has been filled with thoughts of 9/11, I feel as if the day has been filled with kindness towards all affected in the days coverage. I am not sure there is much I can add except that it is my hope we pray and care as much for all those affected every day of the year, and not just on the anniversary of the events. May we allow these significant events to shape our thoughts and behaviors every day!

And so tonight, after I enjoyed opening gifts from my tapestry party, I am struck by the gift of words I received from so many. With each card was a kind thought or words of affirmation. As I read the words I envisioned the faces, friendship and experiences shared. What a gift to read the meaning of friendship shared.

I wonder what message you would write in the card of a special family member or friend? I encourage you to take time today to write out a few sentences and share it with someone dear to your heart. I can tell you that kind words are life giving….it doesn’t have to be a lengthy message or include a costly gift….offer your heart and enjoy the feeling of offering a rare and unique gift.





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