Cousin Camp Continues…

Day two consisted of more fun and adventure…..

We started the day at John Ball Park Zoo. We have  a pretty nice zoo and it was great to beat the heat and the crowds by getting there early. What I love most about the zoo is the meandering that occurs as we go from stop to stop and the conversations that unfold between whomever is standing near one another. I was grateful that the big kids decided to get up and come with us, even though they could have opted to sleep.

Camel rides, sodas, light hearted conversations and funny moments (is that the chimpanzee’s face or butt and peeing animals) made for a great morning of cousin camp at the zoo!

Then following a few hours of down time, where a few actually slept, we headed out to Crazy Bounce. There a mean game of hide and go seek tag occurred and everyone left sweaty and smiling.  It is most sweet to me when the big kids help out the little kids by teaming up or helping them learn about the strategy of the game. I will say that I heard many many many THANK YOU’s today!

We ended the day with Pizza on the deck and waited till dark to play red rover and tag at the park.

And at the day’s end, almost everyone is asleep. I think the last movie just went off at 1 am and I believe everyone will sleep well. I know today one cup broke, one glass broke, 3 eggs broke when they fell out of the fridge and one layer of knee skin was left at the zoo and one on the treadmill (ouch, i could almost feel that sting). I know there were moments when feelings were hurt and moments when “I feel irritable” was spoken (and not by me!).  But way more memorable than those moments were the smiles and grins, the “I am sorry’s” and the songs sung, the experiences shared and the laughter enjoyed, the games played and the memories made….now that is what a good day is made of!

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