Eyes and smiles…

I spent a good part of today traveling the air and the airport. I was struck how many people have their heads looking downward into their smart phones. As I stood in line in Grand Rapids, I decided to try to make eye contact with as many people as I could. My hope was to invite eyes and smiles!

It was a fun challenge and realized that it also kept my eyes up and kept me grinning. People were very responsive and I was discerning if I felt it was appropriate to initiate. (for those who feared that I may have been obnoxious.)

I have become more aware of this even as I bike. How easy it is to pass people by. Each morning I say Good Morning or hello or how are you? Almost every time I receive a greeting back.

I sometimes feel a sense of panic in my gut when I consider what texting and Facebook is going to create in a generation of people who are communicating more while looking into a screen than looking into people’s eyes. Today was fun as I passed people by, sat in chairs next to them, waited for luggage or rode the escalator. I did not go into full-blown conversations….just a simple hello, or how are you?

It was a fun experiment and reminded me again that I was created for relationship.

May I be one who is faithful to take the first step, make eye contact and smile!

Pleased as punch…

Tonight I am feeling very satisfied.

Last week I was a bit discouraged by the scale. It hadn’t moved like I thought it should….

Last week I was a bit discouraged by my body fat numbers. It hadn’t moved like I thought it should…

I was reminding myself of the words I often speak…I can not control the numbers…

I can control my choices…so press on and make the best choices possible!

Today my trainer took measurements.

I have lost 33.75 inches in 5 weeks….

I am pleased as punch….

The daily work is paying off and every so slowly my body continues to change…

I am encouraged to press on and reach for my next goal.

I am encouraged to remember what I tell myself daily…

this journey is about wellness not weight loss…

this journey is about so much more than the scale….

this journey is teaching me about who I am, what I can do, and how discipline pays off.

I am thankful for the journey…..and pleased as punch with the results!

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