A tormented soul….

It seems as if I have thought that a few times this week….

The phrase came to mind as I watched the Casey Anthony trial…

The phrase came to mind as I met with a woman who was very troubled and checked herself out of the hospital against medical advice with a broken hip, pelvis, two broken legs and a broken shin…

And now tonight, a suspect who has shot and killed seven people and is now holding hostages…..

All of these situations resonate of torment.

tormented past participle, past tense of tor·ment (Verb)

1. Cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering
My prayers go out for so many….
There are the innocent whose lives are changed by the loss of life….
There are those in the neighborhoods whose communities have been rocked by rage…
There are those who serve every day as police, EMT, judges, jail guards….
There are the parents, siblings and family who are related to those who are tormented…
And there is the tormented soul….may I never forget to pray for those who are tormented….
There are many who live tormented in silence…
And there are the tormented souls, who in their torment, torment others!
My heart breaks for many tonight….
I have very few words or understanding…
But I will pray and hope….


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