A fun day….family, food and fetch!

Today was a fun day of family, food and fetch….

It was beautiful weather, so following a group treadmill run (Anne, Ellie, Arlene, our Mom and I) we spent some time at the pool. We then enjoyed a lovely evening happy hour and hamburg fry on my deck.

I enjoy hosting summer holidays since my deck is big enough to hold everyone but my house isn’t. I am thankful almost every day in the summer that I invested in a big deck. A deck much bigger than a single lady needs, but a deck wonderfully used by a single lady with a big family!

It helps to have my weigh in on Tuesday morning since I really was able to watch what I ate. I had read this quote today, The pain of discipline is nothing like the sorrows of regret & disappointment. I am not sure that I would call discipline so painful, but I would agree that when I hit sorrow and regret, I am in a powerless mode. I enjoyed the day with cucumber water, a simple hamburger on a high fiber sandwich thin and some delicious grapes. 

As the night began to wind down, we headed across the street and had a  few innings of whiffle ball with the remaining kids AND adults. Always fun and of course, it was a GREAT time to also get in some fetch.

And as I close, I think of this quote: If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace.  ~Hamilton Fish

As I see the faces of some of my nieces and nephews, I pray we  will live responsibly in our freedom and that we will carry the well-known song ~ Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me~ in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our words, in our FB posts, in our attitudes, in our actions…

Another celebration of life…

Today is the celebration of Sonta Mary.

Sonta joined our family a number of years back and today I can honestly say it feels as if she has always been a part of us.

Sonta is full of life and often has a big smile on her face. She has a bond with her siblings that is tight but also knows how to hold her own in the normal sibling rivalry.

Sonta had a good year in school and shows amazing determination as she learns a language that wasn’t her first language and all of the spelling and phonics that goes with English.

I have learned by watching Sonta for the last 7 years just how much we learn and absorb in our first five years of life. Sonta has shown amazing determination as she has sorted out how to learn, play, adapt and live as a part of a family.

Sonta lives fully, freely and passionately. She loves her family and has a very kind heart towards others. She has fun with her cousins, is the best picker upper out of all the cousins and her room is almost always organized and clean.

Sonta Mary, you are a delight and I am thankful that God has blessed my life with you. I am jealous that you can have your hair long or short within a few hours time. You are beautiful on the inside and out and I will always be here for you. Can’t wait to have your birthday sleep over with some of your cousins and we will all treat you like a queen.  

You are a brave, courageous, loving, tender-hearted teenager. What I love most about this picture is what you wrote underneath it.

On January 9, 2010 at 8:46am you posted on facebook…” i love my life!” I am so tickled that you do Sonta and I want you to know that I love YOU!

Sending a big hug….Aunt Trish