Serving others at cousin camp…

Today was our first full day of cousin camp. We really are missing Andrew, Ryan, Anne and Janneke BUT we are having a good time.

We started our day by giving our time and energy away. It was great to work with each other….side by side….

My niece said, this is putting the words we sang at our family reunion into action…we will work with each other we will work side by side….and they’ll know we are Christians by our love….

And this is the progress they made in just a few short hours….

And then we did some swimming and some park playing and took some down time. Suzi made dinner for everyone and then a game of capture the flag in the park….

I am tired and happy. Even when they were to loud or to goofy or a bit obnoxious, I assured them I would never trade in any of them….cause I just love them all way to much!

Tomorrow is the zoo, a whiffle ball game, crazy bounce, a pizza picnic and a celebration of Sonta’s birthday. Sonta has been home from Haiti for almost 6 years. She still lived in Haiti longer than with us, but I love how she is relaxed, loved and celebrated. Having done adoption social work for years, I have to say, I marvel most at not only how loved Sonta and Jean Marc are….but how willing they are to let us love them!

I love being an Aunt, but I have a great family that supports all my wild ideas fully. Suzi and Andy have sleep over guests tonight and Aunt Dot has joined us in much and helped in funding camp as well. A pancake breakfast will be held at my parent’s home Saturday AM and Sunday dinner is served up by Papa and Beppe as well. I did say tonight, it not only takes a village. Sometimes it takes a village and a half.

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