May I never lose the wonder…

May I never lose the wonder….

Of the Church and the invitation extended to me to worship. The “older” Church building carries such an invitation to worship and wonder. I am grateful for our visit to this place and the deep meaning of the words posted at the door….

Pause as thou enter, Traveller, and bethink thee. How Holy yet how homelike is this place: Time that thou spendest humbly here shall link thee: With men unknown who once were of thy race

This is thy Father’s House. To Him address thee:Whom here His children worship face to face: He, at thy coming in, Himself shall bless thee: Thy going out, make joyful with His Grace

May I never lose the wonder….

Of the beauty of the land. The colors and the vastness, the rock and the dirt, the dry and the fertile land.

May I never lose the wonder….

Of the mighty waters of the Ocean or the amazing stillness of the same waters…

May I never lose the wonder of God’s Creation….both in Africa and here at home!

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