An ending worth celebrating…

Today I enjoyed lunch with my friend Ryan. Ryan is pictured in the photo on the left as the last one on the right! 🙂

I have known Ryan for almost 16 years and so the fact that he completed High School today makes me feel a little old.

Ryan is delightful…he is quieter in nature, but almost always has a witty something to say. He shared much today with his Mom (my very dear friend) and myself about what he has observed and noticed about life and relationships. Ryan doesn’t miss much and is wonderfully self-aware.

It is my prayer that Ryan will continue to grow in his confidence, heart, passion and maturity in the coming months. I am sure that at times it must have felt like school would never end, but today it did and Ryan, that is an ending worth celebrating. Looking forward to attending your graduation celebration!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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