Johanna turns two…

Dear Johanna,

What fun to celebrate your second birthday. You continue to change and grow everyday.  This is your picture at one years old….I didn’t think I could love you any more than I did then, but today, my heart is even fuller of wonder and love for you….

Your vocabulary is increasing and you can now put words together. It is pretty normal for you to be singing Hallelujah throughout the day and your other favorite is the wheels on the bus….

You love Peter and want him to chase you around the house and getchyou getchyou getchyou…
You are often looking for I (Isaiah) and if he isn’t in the car with us, you are very concerned.

You smile big and laugh deep…

You love your Mom more than anyone and that is ok…really pretty wonderful to see!

You love to see Dutch and feed her lots of extras, either your own food, suckers you no longer want or fill her dog dish to the brim…

You love to call me and are starting to have phone conversations….

You like Caillou (even though your Mom doesn’t) and you love to read books.

You are very fond of your Daddy and I will never forget how you ran into his arms and hugged and held him with the sweetest smile on your face during tax season this year.

Your hair is long, wild and curly, your eyes are full of sparkle and wonder, your smile is big and inviting and your heart is tender and sweet. You are a very special two-year old to many people, but one thing I know for sure and without a doubt, you are a very special two-year old to ME!

I love you Johanna and look forward to alot of fun this year!

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