Angels Amongst us

In the last week, for many of us, our jobs were either significantly altered or for some came to a screeching halt. At Visiting Angels of West Michigan, in our care for the elderly, we are considered an essential service and we have made significant adjustments in navigating what care looks like during COVID-19.

A definite blessing in disguise during this time is the amount of communication we have had with our clients and their families and our caregivers. There is something in me that doesn’t want to text as much. Hearing someone’s voice is such a gift and to really hear how someone is doing feels critical and beneficial.

I wanted to share with you some of the responses from the Caregivers when we ask if they are willing to continue providing care in this uncertain climate.

  • Morning. Just an update from our talk yesterday. I talked with my husband last night  and we agreed whatever you need from me in the next  weeks, I am, as they  say, all in!!!
  • After talking with my husband I would like to help as much as I can.
  • Something I’m doing to be extra careful. I have a fun bag I carry with my VA things in it, ie gloves, gait belt, pens, time pages. Last week I changed to reusable cloth store bags. Not as cute, but I use a different one at each client on days I see more then 1 client and wash at night. Maybe others do this too but I thought I’d pass it on.
  • My heart is full of Gratitude for
    • Sunshine
    • Projects to keep me busy
    • Wonderful people to work with and for
    • Grateful clients
    • That my Client really can’t tell the difference between Fox News and CNN ( I’ve read the Bible more in the past few weeks then probably my entire life to give her something else to concentrate on)
    • Wonderful neighbors
    • The calm smart attitudes of my family
    • Extra grateful that my parents are watching this from the other side
  • So many caregivers saying YES to working nights and weekends, signing their communications with we stand together, team angels and with deep gratitude for meaningful work. 

I am so very grateful for the commitment of our team to show up for clients they have known for a long time and clients they have not yet met. They continue to speak of their commitment to our community of vulnerable people. Our Caregivers are now the ones who are permitted to enter into facilities when family members can not. They now facilitate face time calls and comfort fears as many of our clients are trying to grasp all that is unfolding.

And so will you please say an extra prayer for our Caregivers, who I am convinced are Angels among us. Will you pray for protection for them as they enter into homes day in and day out.  Will you please say an extra prayer for our clients, that they will remain protected from COVID-19 and feel comforted in the presence of those who surround them. I have attached a few of my favorite pictures so you can envision some of the folks for whom I give thanks for throughout every day. (not all are pictured here.)

Go and live boldly and wisely in these uncertain days. Be an Angel in your circles. Bring your kindness, your heart, your words, your wisdom and your social distancing presence to remind others that even on hard days, there is goodness.

Hang onto hope my friends.

Blessed Be His Name!


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “Angels Amongst us”

  1. Thanks Trish! I continue to pray for perseverance and peace each day as we face this epidemic! Grateful for your words of encouragement!

    Also thankful for technology, in that I can see family and friends. Have a couple of rainy days coming up so we have a large puzzle going and a good book to read! I have been also doing chair exercises that Holland Home puts out on their Facebook page. I have taken clients to those classes and have always liked them. I can save the videos and do them in my leisure! They are easy on my knee.

    You have to wait longer for your shoulder surgery now, correct? 😔

    Hope your weekend is relaxing! Hugs , Mary Ellen




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