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IMG_007712 years ago this sweet girl came into our lives. When we went to Haiti to meet her for the first time, I learned that the girls at the orphanage loved to do hair. Even with my short hair, they managed to fill my head with ponytails and beads.

Over the years I found someone locally who excelled in extensions and every so often when Sonta was in town we would make an appointment with Jewel. I was pretty proud of myself for finding the right hair salon, but I didn’t really educate myself about all this Haitian hair involved.

As Sonta entered her teen years she began to learn to do her own hair. The first time I walked into a beauty supply store that sold hair, I was overwhelmed with all the choices. I began to understand the options and costs of the many variations. I had a greater understanding of the financial implication related to hair that was managed very differently than the hair on my white head. I saw Sonta’s eye’s light up with all the possibilities from color and length to straight or curly.

This weekend we revisited the beauty supply store. Sonta is now into crocheting her braids and can change her look with her own fantastic skill. No need for appointments with Jewel anymore. I was reminded again of how this young woman navigates her world, learns what she needs and wants to learn and portrays God’s beautiful design for her whole being.

Last night I watched Sonta change up her look. I learned how she takes out what hair she has in, oils her head (glad I had bought the high-quality Olive Oil), braids her own shorter hair and secures the new hair we had bought.

Honestly, I felt a bit ashamed of how long this dear girl has been in my life, and I had never been curious enough to ask more. I wonder where you would benefit from being curious this week. I learned about hair, but in the process of being together and learning more, I learned about so much more than hair. I learned even more about this brave courageous Haitian girl whose heart really longs to return to her birth country and who loves her family right here in Michigan as well. We talked about the upcoming trip we hope to take to Haiti and envisioned what that will be like all while her hands moved like magic with a crochet hook making braids.

Go and learn something new this week, be curious and admire the soul who is teaching you!



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  1. Sonta is blessed as well as being a blessing. Everyone needs an Aunt Trish.

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