Sitting with a friend…


I am so grateful tonight. I am sitting in the living room of a friend. We shared a good hour of conversation and we laughed and we wept. We reflected on God’s goodness and his presence and we marveled at the journey of our friendship. We have come through difficult times where we both had a greater desire to be understood than to understand. We can speak of those times now and recognize how we missed one another. We can reflect back and know that the strength of today is because we committed to working through when we were at odds. Over the years, we have sat with friends who helped us to hear each other. It was not easy and it was very worthwhile.

And now I reminded her that healing will come from rest and told her I would sit quietly next to her while she slept. She had ACL knee surgery today and between anesthesia, pain medication and the need for healing, it felt best to invite her to silence. And as I sit at her side, I am filled with gratitude.

My friend asked me to come and be with her tonight while her husband went to their daughters band concert. I had no idea the time would be so sweet. I am grateful she asked for what she needed and I am delighted I have learned about being available. There were years in the past that being still or sitting in the presence of a friend felt intimidating. I am grateful for the healing of my own heart over the years that allows me to simply be….

And as she sleeps, I am praying for quick, pain-free healing and a quick return to the playful and honest presence she beautifully offers to so many. Rest and heal and be cared for my sweet friend Janet. You are loved by many and we look forward to your return to everyday living after you heal. I am very grateful for your friendship in my life.

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. I love you. Janet (and I) are blessed by your love and friendship. Keep writing 😇

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