Today, tomorrow, and 30 years down the road

intelliquote-online-life-insurance-quotesI had an interesting conversation with my brother-in-law and financial advisor from Eastown Financial Services this past week. We took some time to look at how my savings and investments will calculate out at retirement. It was helpful for me to see the numbers in black and white and the calculations that these amazing calculators can project.

I used to say that I had to work longer than I lived before I could retire. Somewhere in the last 10 years, that changed. Now it says that I can retire at about 72. Now that still seems like a long ways away, but intentional living must continue.

And so, I find myself considering how do I ensure that I am planning well for my retirement? And because my mind rarely stays with one thought, I begin to consider that financially, physically, spiritually, relationally…..

I work hard to live with my feet on the ground, aware of all that is unfolding around me in a given moment.

I also want to work hard to live with my future wellbeing considered.

I am aware that over the years I have not focused on my future well-being as much as my here and now, and I can feel space being created to make room for both in my life. The shift does not come easily and I recognize that in order for both to occur, I will need to make some changes in my here and now…

I wonder how you are doing in balancing both of these areas in your life….

I invite you to join me in the angst of balancing living in the here and now and planning and saving for the next 30 years and beyond….

I am grateful that I have wise parents who have modeled this well and I have expertise from people who care about me to coach and encourage me. I believe this fits well with my new set of goals I am setting for the next five years. Who knows what can happen between now and when I turn 50 if I stop wondering and start doing.

A new way of life begins today.





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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Well, my sweet friend, this is one problem we do not share in common. I KNOW where I will be in 30 years (unless I live to be 107!) and I will not have to worry about retirement. Life will just be beginning for me! I love you and I do encourage you in your wise steps. b

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