Lessons learned while biking….

My Mom and I took a long bike road. We ventured to Ada and read the course description.

Forest Hills Trails
True to their name, the Forest Hills Trails take you on a scenic tour through the rugged ravines, rolling hills, lush woodlands,wetlands and streetscapes of this picturesque
community where the great Thornapple River joins forces with the mighty Grand. This extensive network of nearly 50-miles of paved pedestrian paths, boardwalks and several covered bridges were developed through the cooperative efforts of Ada Township, Cascade Township, Grand Rapids Township and Kent County Parks.
The trails offer stunning views of the community’s natural features while connecting local residents with the shopping districts of Ada, Cascade and Knapp’s Corner, as well
as several township and county parks. The Forest Hills Trails are a great way to explore this scenic area, but be advised that some of the trails are very hilly and can be a bit

How could we pass it up? It sounds like a beautiful ride on a fall sunny day. It warned us it may be hilly and we ventured boldly in that direction.

The first hill was big. We considered it was harder because we weren’t really warmed up. The second hill was hard….

How could every hill be going up and not seem to have a down hill on the other side? As we biked on, I saw a big downhill ahead. I love down hills and for a moment I felt such joy. And then I quickly began to consider the up hill on the return. I almost stopped to ask my Mom if we should keep going. Maybe I really did voice those words. My Mom, who is a great believer of anything is possible, said let’s keep going.

I began the long descent. I felt the joy of downhill and I realized I almost missed this joy on the ride. I almost allowed the work of the ride rob me of the joy. I thought about this as we ventured on. Where in life do I stop short because of my fear of what else might be required? Where do I spend too much time thinking about my reward instead of giving 100% to the investment? I wonder if you ever miss the joy because the work feels daunting.

Today’s uphills and downhills reminded me to stay focused on the moment and to believe that I have what it takes. And as we walked a little bit here and there, my Mom reminded me there is no shame in walking. And I smiled and nodded. I thought, just keep moving and we will complete our task.

I hope to get a ride in tomorrow and maybe even hit some hills, both up hills and down!

It was a fun ride today, it was a beautiful day and as we drove off, I realized this is a bike ride that gives me lessons for my days and weeks ahead.



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