We’ve got this…

These words have echoed through my mind often since Saturday morning….

I had promised my sister that I would be available to do anything she needed the day of the wedding…

In my mind I didn’t anticipate so much needing to be done….

I arrived at the salon by 8 am and the list was started…

By about 930 i could feel my anxiety rising…

I was working alone and I began to wonder if everything would get done….

I began to worry about how my injured Achilles tendon would act with working and walking quickly….

I longed for a perfect day for Janneke and Arlene, a day with no worry…

But my list included some pretty critical last-minute things…

I began to feel the power, and in this case fear of my mind overtaking the joy I had anticipated for the day…

sonta sue at the weddingI stopped at the house to pick up a few things and my sweet niece Sonta was there. We chatted about the day and I showed her my list…

In her sweet 15-year-old voice she said, “let’s go Aunt Trish, we got this !”

We got this….her voice was confident, her words clear, and her doubt non-existent…

I could feel everything shift within myself….yes, we got this!

And we were off….

The day was full….

It went from busy with one thing to busy with the next…..

It was full of what had to get done and once in a life time moments…

It was full of huge smiles, beautiful connection, a wonderful variety of people and lots of love!

It was full of beauty which was at risk of being robbed from me because of fear and anxiety about how it would all happen.

I was reminded of the power of my thoughts.

A simple phrase said by a brilliant girl framed my day for good…..

You were 100 percent right on Sonta….we got this!

Sweet Sonta, I now hear your voice reminding me of how you have moved through 15 years of living with such grace and ease. You have encountered many difficult moments and they have not defeated you. You have learned to embrace what is hard and overwhelming with three simple words. You have  reminded me of what can be done if I choose to believe in the power of mind and the action of doing.

And now, I have a day to live full of unknown, adventure and routine.

I got this!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

6 thoughts on “We’ve got this…”

  1. Thank you, Trish, for all these posts! I had wondered how everything went. Have a wonderful day now. Love to you! Aunt Marg.


  2. Welcome back. I miss your posts and read each one. I had to smile as I read this one because we just returned from a wedding in CO with our 15 year old Alyson. We had a few times of being lost and mostly in one day! She confidently told us, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this. ” Must be an “in” phrase with the teens. Sorry to say our teen did NOT have it and we got lost yet again! I will admit that getting lost with Alyson is a lot more fun than “Hootie” and I being lost by ourselves! Hope to see you in August Trish. I love you. b


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