They keep growing up….

Dear Andrew,

Happy Birthday to my nephew Andrew! I can’t believe you are 14 and I wanted to be sure to tribute you here in my blog. One thing I celebrate about you is how you are becoming such a fine fellow. You are  kind, sensitive, athletic, musical, smart, funny and respectful. I love to converse with you and learn about your day-to-day happenings. Andrew, I hope this year holds many fun and memorable days for you. I hope you are able to achieve what you desire, increase in knowledge and strength and believe in and experience the great love and admiration I/we (your family) has for you. I love the picture collage of you over the years. You are often with your cousins and I know that those are friendships that will continue until I am very old (and beyond!)! I love that you enjoy being with them and they with you! Thank you for your big heart and kind words you often share. I have great memories of times spent with you and look forward to many more! Have fun being 14 and I look forward to the wonderful gentle-man you will continue to become! I think your just GRAND!

All my love,

Aunt Trish


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