the story of hands…


I love hands….

I believe hands tell such a story….

I wonder whose hands you envision when you think of hands? Is it that of a newborn or a newly engaged couple? Is it your mother or grandfather….do you think of hands that represent promise and life, or an image of hands just before death?

I wonder what is the story in your hands…I have been reflecting on the story my hands….(I don’t think they will be remembered for all the dishes washed)

In the coming days, I encourage you to start a conversation which goes something like this….

I have been thinking about hands lately and remember the hands of ______________. When I think of _____________hands, this is what I remember…..and with that story starter, enjoy the conversation and memories!

And I can’t help but remember as I reflect…the feeling of my hand in the mouth of the cow when we would visit the farm. It was such an amazing feeling to feel the roughness of the cows tongue. And so, as I wrap up tonight, I will also share a picture of that moment, that I can almost feel as if it was yesterday.

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3 thoughts on “the story of hands…”

  1. Oh my goodness … is that really your hand in the cow’s mouth? I love your thoughts today Trish. I am in a really good place to take time to think about what you pose. There are many types of hands in my life. Your thoughts always provoke me to think, process, consider!

    1. Rebecca,

      This is my nephews hand from our visit to my Uncle’s farm last Spring….I thought better to show this pic than the one where he is all cow slobbered when he pulled it out! 🙂

  2. When I read this I rememberd my Mom. When she died they’d done so much work on her head & they’d shaved it to remove the tumor. When she was in the hospital her head was covered in bandages so I didn’t really see her face. At the viewing the only thing about her that I recognized was her hands. I felt so grateful for that. Her hands…I knew it was her. Today I wear her wedding ring, and I can still remember her hands….

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