It takes a village…

it takes a villageI am keenly aware lately that life really does take a village…

I don’t think it is only limited to the context of raising a child….

I believe it is about living in community as well….

I recognize that I am involved in a variety of villages…

Sometimes I am a primary member and other times peripheral or passing through….

Today I am very aware of friends of mine who need a village to carry them through difficult times….

My college classmate has spent the last days searching for his Dad who is missing. I can’t imagine having to walk the fields and hang posters. Please become a praying member of Randy’s village. Pray for clarity, answers and a peace that passes all understanding….

My sister in law’s brother-in-law has recently learned of his brain tumor. He faces biopsies in the coming weeks and likely chemo and radiation. Please become a praying member of Josh’s community and pray for his wife and two teenage children, for relief from symptoms and that the tumor will not be cancerous and will not need chemo or radiation. Pray for peace, comfort and healing….

I know there are so many people who would benefit from prayer, presence and community to surround them. It is my prayer we will be courageous village members. That we will move into difficult places and bring words of hope, comfort and understanding. It is my hope that we will love other people well and that we will know at the end of each day, that we have served our villages well!



Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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