Amazing at 16….

My nephew is 16….

andrwe johnI am amazed how quickly Andrew has gone from being a cute young boy to a handsome young man…..

Andrew is kind and thoughtful. I often wondered how it would be when all these kids grew up and joined the adult circles in our family. It has happened and it is very good. Andrew is a good conversationalist and a good listener. He knows how to ask questions and shows a genuine concern about the people who surround him.

andrew john at 16I love bragging up my nieces and nephews, but it makes me very proud when I hear from others about what good kids they are. Andrew was recently nominated for a leadership camp and his coach wrote the following: “Andrew is the hardest working student athlete that I have known in my 12 years of coaching. Andrew refused to miss any minute of practice or quit any conditioning activity regardless of how exhausted and physically outmatched he was. Moreover while Andrew was constantly giving 110% effort, he was simultaneously encouraging all of his teammates to work harder He is able to lead both by actions and words. Andrew has also learned to encourage his teammate without alienating them. Andrew has figured out the art of knowing what to say and when to say it.”

Andrew, I am so thankful you are my nephew. I so love being your aunt and am eager to see what the next 16 years holds for you. You are smart and athletic and amazing in so much of what you do, but even more than all you do, I am so thankful and proud of who you are. Continue to grow the way your growing and God will be glorified in your life, words and actions.

I love you Andrew John….

Drive over any time. I will fill your gas tank!

Much love,

Aunt Trish

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