It takes a village….

it takes a villageI love the images that come with it takes a village…

As a single person, I am grateful that I live in an active village…

I love the many people in my village and the way we tag team on all that makes up a days activity….

A few snippets from our village…


Matt (my nieces fiance) picks up my sister and brother in laws car in order to get my niece from Chicagohenry shooting bball

My Mom meets up with Matt to loan her GPS to him in order to get him to and from Chicago without getting lost.

My parents drop off the 3 Bos kids to their house, after having watched them for the day) on the way to Muskegon to watch my nephew play basketball…

My niece and her fiance stay at my house Thursday overnight and Friday in order to get a ride home Friday evening…


At four pm I assist my niece in getting the car back to my sisters, we pick up my sisters three kids so my sister and brother-in-law can go on a date….

We bring my niece and her fiance and my nephew to my parents home so my Dad can drive them to Saugatuck and watch my niece’s basketball game

Johanna and IsaiahMy brother-in-law takes his daughter and her fiance home to Muskegon and sends his other daughter home with my Dad who brings one Bos child and one Dekam child  to my house for a sleep over. They join the other two Bos children….

Saturday morning my Dad will hang with the oldest Bos child while his parents work on Taxes at Eastown Financial and the other two will go to friends homes. My Mom and I will attend a shower for our friends from Burma, my Aunt will take Karolyn to her Youth Symphony practicekarolyn and peter at noon at St Andrew’s Cathedral. I will gather the 3 Bos chhildren after the shower. I will pick Karolyn up at 3 from the Cathedral and bring her back at 5. I will return the 3 Bos kids to their parents by dinner time and at the end of the day I will pick up Karolyn from the Cathedral where we will meet up with my parents and all watch our friend from Burma play an indoor soccer game. Karolyn will stay overnight since she sings again Sunday. My Mom will feed us all Sunday…..

And on it goes, different people on different days but all of us committed to helping each other with whatever comes up in the day to day……

I am thankful for a village that is full of life and commitment to one another…

Life is full of joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, life and death and lots of love!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. This reminds me very much of what we used to say when we got stuck for cras and rides:”Let’s ask Mr. Leutscher…..”

  2. Trish, as I transition from my “salty” family to my physical family today I am struck by how similar our schedules can be! It was an absolutely exhausting week in Waxahachie and home felt very good last night when I hitched a ride and Richard had come over there last night to begin the airport ferry today. It does take all of God’s people to love HIS big family! I met your lovely friend, Cherita, and think she had a good week. So glad you told her to have a meal with me. I pursued that and was blessed. Have a good day. Take some time for Trish. I love you. b

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