Sports and perspective….

Today I packed up my car and along with my Mom and my niece Anneliese, we headed to Detroit to catch a Middle School Track Meet and a High School Soccer game. I don’t quickly decide to spend 4.5 hours on the road for sporting events, but if my nieces or nephews are participating, it makes my decision pretty easy.

There are things I want to share about tonight, in a blog tomorrow. Because tonight I kept thinking about a post my friend wrote and wanted to share that with you. I think that youth sports today requires the parents to keep life in perspective. I am thrilled to say that my brother and sister-in-law do just that. My friend Laurie also talks about the balance needed….

I feel for parents and kids today as they navigate where sports fits into one’s day-to-day and how these experiences shape them. There are wonderful opportunities and there are some significant risks….

I am thankful that my siblings continue to nurture and love their children regardless of the outcome on the field. And I am proud to say, that through my eyes, every one of the kids I know, and their friends, are incredible athletes. Click on the link below to the Guikema Gang Post and marvel at the parenting of my friend Laurie……

Guikema Gang Post




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