Adoption changes lives…

I had the incredible opportunity to be an Adoption Social Worker for almost ten years. I remember my adoption families as if it was just yesterday that I sat in their living rooms for hours on end. We talked about their stories and how they were anticipating new chapters to that story. We talked about the joy and the heart ache that may come in those chapters. And we talked about the joy and the sorrows of the past chapters. We talked about how sometimes love isn’t enough and we talked about the power of love. We talked about how kids learn to be self-reliant when they spend time in an orphanage. We talked about culture, family, siblings, bonding, attachment, transitions, language, jet lag, finances, marriage and so much more.

And with all that talking and the prayer and the support and the community, I still had to say, your journey is unknown and will require you to be committed through the worst of days and the dark of night. There will be celebration and their will be days you wonder why you took this big risk.

And there are stories of delight and there are stories of heartache and despair. There are bonds that continue to grow still years later and there are couples who still feel the grieving pain of a disrupted adoption.

Adoption is not an easy journey, but it is a worthwhile one!

I have a heart full of children who are dear to my heart.

I have a heart full of love for parents and families who dared to expand their story with the journey of adoption.

I am celebrating today with my friend who met her daughter five years ago today in China. Back then this little five-year old was a bundle of life but full of mystery. Today she is beautiful and insightful, much more predictable and deeply loved. Her mother knows her inside and out and posted this today on face book: Celebrating 5 years ago today Caili and I became a family! How fast those five years have gone and what a blessing they have been. Last night she gave thanks to God for making us a family and bringing her here to the US to live and for all the great things she now has, friends, family, a home and a warm bed.

I love this kid and I pray for her and her Mom (my long time friend) every day. They have come through so much and today, their five-year anniversary gotcha day, is really one to be celebrated.

I am looking forward to the continuing unfolding of this story…..

Much love to all “my” families. You all hold a very special place in my heart!

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