The purpose of life….

It was a day today where the purpose of life was achieved…

From waking up in the silence of a beautiful sunrise, a drive to Church on rolling country roads, worshipping while being led by my sister and her family at their home church, singing songs where the words stirred my heart to fully embrace all worship was offering and to consider my role in Christ’s death and anticipating the glory of the Ressurection….and it was still only 11 am…

Then my friend Robin, her three kids and I headed out to Dick’s Sporting Goods where longings were expressed and disappointment was real as Robin had to say no to many things desired. 90 minutes later, we left the mall with very happy children and headed to the dunes.

A walk on the beach, the warm sand and cool breeze, a hike up to the top of a very big hill and a drive home were more of what made for a good day.

A dog who loves to play and a crew to play with her, a good meal out, a quiet evening of conversation, laughter, and being together…

A day full of living and life….

A day full of friends and family….

A day full of laughter, longings, disappointment, understanding, apologies, and joy,,,

A day I lived life with good friends and at the end of the day we will all rest deeply because we lived it well!


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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