Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom…

Those words echo in my brain tonight.

I am spending the next 48 hours with my dear friend Robin and her three amazing children.
Nick is 14, Grace is 11 and Jack is 8….and their favorite word is Mom!

I have to say it is fun to be with them and to hear the many different things they want their Mom to see or hear…

And so tonight, as they slowly drift off to sleep, reflecting on their day, talking about the fire, the fishing, the conversations….

I have great respect for you Mothers (my Mom, Arlene, Suzi, Marcia, Jonna and Robin) and many more of my friends who answer to Mom every day!

I am thankful for good friends (and family) who allow me to delight in their children and marvel at the goodness of God in the moments of today!

pictures to follow tomorrow cause internet is quite slow here in Newaygo…..

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