What must you speak about….

I wonder what comes to mind in the moments you read this?

I wonder if you know in your gut where you have been silent, but when you think about it, somehow your mind makes sense of your silence.

I wonder if you were going to speak, what the words might sound like….

For those of you who know me, I think you would agree that I am not often silent, but I do believe there are likely many places in a week where each of us chooses silence.

Sometimes silence is easier….

Sometimes silence is safer….

Sometimes silence is our default and sometimes silence is a choice….

But often silence leaves honest words unsaid.

I encourage you to be curious about your silence in the coming days.

Take time to wonder and contemplate, to consider what you would say and how you would feel…

And when you have taken time to be curious and reflective, commit this quote to memory: