Baby it’s cold outside….

It was a beautiful day here in West Michigan, but there is not denying that it is cold outside….

As I drove home tonight, I noticed it was about 8 degrees….all I could think about was how very cold it was outside…

Now sometimes the cold weather brings a deep appreciation in my heart for all the warm things I expereience….from sweatshirts and heat to heated seats and a warm home…

Tonight, although I am grateful, my heart is stuck with those who do not have shelter or have not been able to pay their heating bill. I wonder who those people are tonight and where they might seek to find warmth. I said a prayer for the many who struggle to stay warm and asked God to provide in extra ordinary ways for them all!

I am thankful tonight for all I have and very aware of those who don’t have all they stand in need of.

May I bring warmth and blessing in some way to others because I am so blessed….





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