Two hands on the wheel….

Every once in a while I get the feeling that I may be having a “parental feeling.” Most recently this has occurred in relationship to Olivia and Anne taking drivers training. I am not sure how Janneke and Henry are already old enough to be driving. It seems like just yesterday I was loving being an Aunt to these toddlers. 

Now as they take the wheel, I seem oddly aware of my own driving habits. I find that it is easy for me to be a distracted driver. It happens almost without thinking. I am working on being much more aware and intentional. I have discovered a very simple action that draws all my focus back to the road. It is simple. It is two hands on the wheel.  When I have two hands on the wheel, I feel my focus come back to the car. When I have two hands on the wheel, I set my phone, my water bottle and my reaching for a piece of gum aside. When I have two hands on the wheel, I tend to look straight ahead and focus 100% on driving. I wonder if that is why way back when I was in drivers training, they were pretty adamant about the importance of driving with two hands on the wheel!

Give it a try, bring your focus back to the road by putting two hands on the wheel. And remember that you are being watched, by all ages, as you model good driving habits for those who are near to your heart. Be safe and be well!


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