Saying good bye…

Today I was talking to my friend Lori as she was driving to work. Our conversation focused around that reality that Hospice had said her Dad may only have hours to days to live. We talked honestly and shared some tears. We both agreed that saying good-bye to our fathers would be (and is) a very difficult thing to do.

I was touched by Lori’s insight into the needs of her siblings and her sense of peace within her own heart. She was able to live in the space today that was both the sadness of saying good-bye and the choice of not clinging to her Dad but fully entrusting him to the timing of God’s plan. In our conversation Lori also shared it was her daughter’s birthday and tomorrow is the anniversary of her daughter’s death.

My friend Lori had a heart full of emotion as we talked on her way to work. And within an hour she had gotten the call and made it to her Dad’s bedside to say good-bye.

I am praying for my friend Lori tonight.

Praying for comfort and peace in the days ahead as they celebrate and remember her Dad.

Praying for her as she remembers the many sweet moments they had with their daughter Jill.

Praying for her as she says good-bye….

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

2 thoughts on “Saying good bye…”

  1. Trish, you are truly a blessing to many. You uphold those who need to be held up. You inspire me to be the person God wants me to be ~ thank-you!

  2. Yes. Trish, you have been a huge blessing! All the right words, and a listening ear. Kind of like an angel whose visited me! 🙂
    Thanks for walking down this road with me, my friend!

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