It was a nice day and a good Thanksgiving but tonight I have Thursdays on my mind.

On August 23, 2012, I called my brother Nick to wish him a Happy Birthday….

I told him that since I didn’t come up with any fun gift ideas for this year, my present was that I was going to call him every Thursday….

I had no idea how because of this gift to him, I would look forward to Thursdays every week.

And so, today, being Thursday, it was extra special, cause Nick came Wednesday night and has been staying at my house. He has taught me knife skills in the kitchen and showed me how preparing Thanksgiving dinner does require a six am start. It was fun to be up early and chopping celery and making stuffing, preparing the turkey and enjoying being in my awesome kitchen with him! Tonight I learned to make Asparagus soup and I am reminded of how fun it is to be friends with your siblings….

And so I am thankful that every week there is a Thursday and every week I will connect with Nick, in a low-key and conversational way.

This year my gift to my brother really is the gift that keeps on giving….



Author: trishborgdorff

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