It was a first…but not a last…

When I arrived in Ann Arbor today to work out with Demond, I was this elementary in my bike information. I had a bike and that was about as far as it went. I have to admit, I never really understood what a good workout biking can be.  And so Demond, Darrel, Mike and I set out on a bike ride. I had no clue what I was in for.

I learned that you should pedal the entire time. I was a bit alarmed since I enjoy coasting. I learned about finding my rhythm and then using my gears to keep that rhythm. I learned never to stop on the way UP a hill and I learned  that once you get to the river in Ann Arbor, getting back is a lot of up hill….

I also learned that biking for 90 minutes kept my heart rate in a good fat burning range and the feeling of completion brings with it a desire to do more on my own this week.

I started as an elementary bike for sure. I ended a bit more as represented in this picture! 

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