Makes an Aunt’s heart proud….

Today I had the privilege to worship with Olivia, Noah, Sonta, Jean Marc, Andrew and Ryan. (and of course my parents, two brothers and two sister in-laws)

In moments like these, my heart is just so proud of the growing faith of my nieces and nephews. I often get to experience the expressions of faith with Janneke, Henry, Anne, Karolyn, Ellie, Peter and isaiah, but to experience it with my out-of-town” kids” was an extra special treat on Easter morning.

I am thankful for kids who love to sing (and can read music) and who worship with their whole hearts….

I am thankful for kids who listen well and can engage the teaching and Biblical truths….

I am thankful for kids who desire to grow in their faith….

I am thankful…

Just plain thankful!

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