Japan death toll….

This morning I woke up to the news of the tragedy in Japan. At that time they said the death toll was about 60. I scoffed at that number, for it felt evident that in light of the events that were being televised, that the tolls would likely climb throughout the day. As the day winds down, it appears it may now be as high as 1000 and I would guess it may continue to climb. I can’t imagine how quickly life changed today for many. Either in loss of life or loss of home or loss of security, the process of healing and recovery will likely be very slow.

It is hard to wrap my thoughts and emotions around the tragedy that occurred today via natural disaster.

I am reminded of a quote by Henry Nouwen which I have often read when I am feeling the tensions of  life.

“So I am praying while not knowing how to pray. I am resting while feeling restless, at peace while tempted, safe while still anxious, surrounded by a cloud of light while still in darkness,in love while still doubting.”    ~Henri Nouwen

And I end with this…For those whose lives have been changed forever today, Lord hear our prayer.


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