Feeling different…

keepmovingI find this to be a good summary of where my head is right now. I shifted my focus in the past few months from wanting to hit my goals and become someone or something and decided to embrace the now. Of course, we all know that phrase, we all speak that phrase, but how do we live it?

My first go at living differently felt oddly familiar. I realized I was using the same words as I was trying to get away from. I was trying to just make different goals and try to become someone or something different in much smaller steps. But as I began to realize this, I realized my goals were still set by something outside of myself.

So, I think I have found my words to live by. I want to feel different in some way in the coming days, weeks, months and years. I want to feel where I am and where I am going. I want it to be something that comes from the inside out. I don’t want the scale, a size of clothing, or some magical something just out of reach to define me. I am weary of striving for something just out of reach and missing what surrounds me.

I am aware that there is a mystery in feeling different. There is something to discover each day. Will I feel different in my sleep and rest or will I feel different in my strength and body awareness? Will I feel different in how I am engaging my friends and family or will I feel different in the way I am creating spaces for myself or others in my life? Will I feel different in how I am soaking in the natural beauty of the outdoors or will I feel different in how I am accomplishing tasks that have been looming? There is so much opportunity to succeed!

And at the end of each day, I just jot a few notes in my journal about what I am noticing in my feeling different. The days I struggle to name something means I need to live more present, more intentionally, and sometimes more kind and gracious towards myself.

I wonder what areas you would like to feel different? Can you name them? Can you begin to identify what it might look like to just make different choices and trust that in those decisions to live in the moment, trust the now and focus on the next 24 hours, that over time, different will become real?

Who will join me in the commitment to make decisions that make a difference….for myself and for others!






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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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