Welcomed and embraced….

Today I traveled to Cleburne Texas with my Mom and my two nieces. I have long time friends I met through Open Hearts Ministries who live here on a cattle ranch and are graciously hosting us until Sunday. There were many good things about today, but let me tell you about the extra special touches that Betty Lee has added to make our first day so much fun.

Betty greeted us at the airport with pink cowboy hats for Anneliese and Ellie. They have bling and light up and she said this is how Texans live as both cowgirls and princesses! The girls beamed from ear to ear!

Betty had a bottle of cold water for each of us in her car. It is a wonderful thing to have water after a flight. We were refreshed and so thankful….

Richard and Betty have a one room guest house that is so amazingly quaint. The girls are in the loft right now reading and my Mom and I are enjoying the comforts of this space. Betty had Texas t-shirts for the girls on top of their bedding and again they were touched by her extra special touches!

I am reminded tonight that the extra touches can make for big memories. I wonder where in a day I can add some extra special touches or care or kindness to those I cross paths with. I would like to be more like Betty in that way….today I experienced the wonderful kindness that allowed us all to feel fully welcomed and embraced!

(I had hoped to share pictures but my camera is malfunctioning in the downloading process….so for now just envision four happy, tired and relaxed travelers in a guest house that could be featured in a magazine!)

Till tomorrow….

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