Whats in a size…

I spent the day today working through my collection of clothing. I have clothes that cover a wide array of sizes and this whole journey to wellness is now allowing me to sort and rid myself of an over abundance of clothes. I learned it is good to do with someone (thanks Mom) because there are some items I likely would not get rid of if I were sorting alone. I did not quite complete the process, but I am looking forward to completing the process this weekend and then passing the clothes on to others who might enjoy them.

I was reminded today that sizing varies in so many ways. I had been thinking that I would like to fit into a size 10 when I am at my goal, but perhaps today was a good reminder to not cement myself into any number goals. It was amazing to me how I fit into a six number range in sizes today. I know one thing for sure, in the few hours I was trying on and sorting clothing, my size did not change! I want to trust how something feels and make decisions based on what is real…not what number is on the tag.

And so i wonder if there are other places in my life that I create a box for myself that restricts me from living more freely. I want to learn to trust my heart, mind and gut. Somehow I think if I trust those three places in my being, I will find that I worry less about a number on the scale, what size my clothes are or how much is in my bank account. I believe if I trust my heart, mind and gut….God will be honored and life will be enjoyed!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

2 thoughts on “Whats in a size…”

  1. Thanks Trish, This reminds me of the seasons I go through. When I am tired of counting calories and pennies. The counting often steals my contentment and my joy. I will be glad to shed this earthly body and budgets in exchange for my new perfect one in heaven and pure joy for eternity.

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