I have learned so much in my journey to my heart. The lessons learned have come from learning to cry and remembering to laugh, sharing the ache and celebrating the joy, staying focused on the task at hand and remembering to never let go of  my dreams. Perhaps even more important though is believing (and practicing) that loving someone (or being loved well) does not mean fixing, solving or rescuing from life circumstances or emotional pain.

I want to share with you the following ~ a favorite of mine. It is my hope that I will always remember what it means to come along side and companion….

Companioning Is About…

Honoring the spirit ~

it is not about focusing on the intellect

Curiosity ~

not about expertise

Learning from others ~

it is not about teaching them

Walking along side ~

it is not about leading

Being still ~

it is not about frantic movement forward

Discovering the gifts of sacred silence ~

it is not about filling every painful moment with words

Listening with the heart ~

it is not about analyzing with the head

Bearing witness to the struggles of others ~

it is not about directing those struggles

Being present to another person’s pain ~

it is not about taking away the pain

Respecting disorder and confusion ~

it is not about imposing order and logic

Going to the wilderness of the soul with another human being ~

it is not thinking you are responsible for finding the way out


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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