Do I need healing?

I come from a culture that is much more about your strengths than your struggles. Although there is a lot of good that can come from that, I also recognize how this mindset has limited our willingness/ability to speak about where we may need some support or healing.

So when I came across this quote today, it caused me to pause and wonder.  How do we surrender to the process if we are not honest about what we are needing?

I have experienced a lot of change in my family in the last 25 years. I am grateful that we can be more willing to name what is not working and share a willingness to explore what change would look like. It is not always simple, and it is not always easy, but I do find that it keeps us moving towards being healthier individuals.

I wonder where your thoughts wander as you consider the quote above. Can you name where you or your community needs healing? Can you begin to consider what it means to surrender to the process? I believe that healing begins when we name the area we struggle. This is not always done in a professional setting. Sometimes it is simply sitting with someone who can listen well and reflect on what you’re saying. Sometimes surrendering to the healing process requires pursuing professional help. I am a firm believer in “trusting your gut”. I believe what you need will become clear to you as you act courageously and remain open to your own healing journey.

I have had well-meaning people tell me what they think I need. I have not found them to be the most helpful or even accurate. I believe God speaks to us in our guts, and if you listen to yours, you will find enough clarity to take the next step. God will use other people, and listening is important, but hearing God will resonate in your own heart, soul, and gut!

Be courageous and be honest. You and your community will be better for it!

Blessed be His name,


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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