For those who miss their Dads….

I read one of my high school classmates’ Facebook posts today. It said this: “The older you get, the more you miss your father. Happy Father’s Day in Heaven.” I hear you, David Kalman, and I agree!

This resonated with me, and for a moment, I thought I wish there was a way to reconvene with your high school classmates as we enter our 50’s. Not really a reunion kind of reconvening but a sit-in-class and talk about the real stuff that we have learned. The stuff that matters. It seems like we all understand life a little differently. It seems as if we would be able to sit and talk about the real things now.

I know many of my classmates know the ache of losing a parent. So often, at our age and our parents’ age, it isn’t tragic, but it is life-altering. There are days we wish for what was: the simplicity of a steak dinner or a game of golf.

I read this today and thought it said it well. I will share it with you, not just my classmates, but any of you who are missing your Dad on Father’s Day. I feel you, and I can relate!

To the Dads who are missing on Father’s Day,
We will say your sayings, play your favorite songs and try our very best not shy away from the beautiful memories that sting so bittersweetly.
You left a space so wide it could encompass the world some days but we strive to fill it nonetheless, with the unconditional love, you instilled within us all.
There is plenty to go around and we promise not to withhold it, you would have been sad to see that.
So, with your wise words stored deep within our hearts, your laughter the soundtrack of the day, and your smile imprinted upon our souls, we salute you and send you so much love.
You are missed.
So very very missed.
Happy Father’s Day
Donna Ashworth
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