Preparing for the big day

This is posted a bit late due to technical errors.                             June 11, 2021

Today we drove to Detroit and slowly have been running into my family at the hotel. It is a night of anticipation and excitement. I remember being busy with responsibilities at so many of the weddings I have been to. Although I am zooming the wedding, I feel like I can take a bit of a back seat and watch all that is unfolding.

There is a lot of joy and laughter. This is such a gift for a family that was once shaken to its core by grief and loss when my brother died. They have grown and changed since that night. They can marvel at God’s goodness and provision. They understand deep, profound joy because they have been to the pit of dark and messy grief.

I am excited for Lauren and Noah to establish their home and journey life till death do them part. I am in awe of the joy Noah holds in his being for life itself. It is simply beautiful to watch Lauren radiate her goodness as she anticipates her wedding day.

On the night before, preparing for the big day, I am full of gratitude for all the people surrounding me.

Blessed be His name!


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