When Joy and Sorrow meet…

I am writing tonight knowing that I am not alone in the reality that joy and sorrow often meet in one’s heart. As we anticipate a weekend full of joy and delight, I am aware that there is also a stream of sorrow that will flow in the coming days.

This stream of sorrow is not a tsunami. This stream of sorrow isn’t even turbulent. But I would not be honest to say that this stream of sorrow is non-existent.

May be an image of 2 people and people smilingI will miss the presence of my brother at his oldest son’s wedding. I will miss his laughter and his tears. Yes, Len would have surely shed a few tears. I will miss how he would beam in welcoming guests and how he would dance with his bride. But, I will miss my brother this weekend more poignantly. He would be so proud of Noah. He would have such a vision for Noah and Lauren. I am aware again how grief is a river of sorrow that flows through life. It isn’t a tsunami, and it isn’t even turbulent, but it is present, so it feels honoring to name that.

And even in the midst of sorrow, there is an abundance of joy that we will celebrate and embrace this weekend just like we have done in the last 9 years. Even in the sorrow and in the season when our grief felt more like a tsunami and turbulent waters, there is goodness. God has been faithful in more ways than we can count. We will marvel and delight in Noah and Lauren. In how they have grown to be mature, kind, faith-filled adults. We will laugh with them and shed a few tears with them, and we will delight in the future they have together. Noah and Lauren understand firsthand that we are not promised to grow old before God calls us home. But I know that they will live fully, every day God gives them, with humor and sincerity, and praise Him for His faithfulness!

May be an image of 9 people, including Suzi Borgdorff Bos, Janet Borgdorff, Noah Borgdorff and Karolyn Dekam, people standing, outerwear and tree

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