We receive your blessing…

Today at Church we ended with this song…

  • We receive Your blessing
    We receive Your grace
    As we walk in the light shining from Your face
    May the peace that You give
    Change the way that we live
    We receive Your blessing
    As we leave this place

I love the words and the tune and I have found myself singing it throughout the afternoon. If you want to hear the tune, click here: https://ca.songselect.com/songs/4519991/we-receive-your-blessing

I began to think of my own journey and how I had to learn to receive from other’s before I really understood what it means to receive from God. I had knowledge of receiving from God, but not until I was willing to become vulnerable with my family, friends and peers, did I really grasp the even greater blessing of receiving God’s blessing and Grace.

I wonder how you are doing with the act of receiving.receive

I wonder if you have ever considered how your willingness to receive from others may mirror your willingness to receive an even greater gift….

I am not one who believes in an all or nothing way of thinking. I believe you can receive from God and struggle with receiving from others. I talk with people who struggle feeling as if God may be withholding….

I wonder if it is less about God and more about our resistance to receiving?

But I am also someone who believes that God uses people to teach us even more about who He is and what gifts He has to offer.

I hope you have opportunity this week to practice receiving…

Receiving good things from those around you and even more receiving His blessing and Grace!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “We receive your blessing…”

  1. When I was reluctant to get help when Dave was ill, he always said “Receive, Jeanne, receive. A difficult but necessary lesson to give up control and let God through others bless you.

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