Hey, that is my space…

Have you ever crawled into bed only to find that your puppy/dog claimed your spot 30 seconds before you? I absolutely was going to kennel Wilhelmina at night for at least the first year. She has made it exactly 1/2 of one night in a kennel at her young six months of age.

She comes and goes freely from my room at night and now will snuggle in after I am sleeping, and I don’t even wake up. But tonight, she beat me to the punch and was snoring with her long body fully extended and her head on my pillow. This picture is from yesterday, but this is what I mean by looooong body extended!

It used to be clear that beds are for people, but after I acquired Dutchess, I was ruined for that clarity. Wilhelmina has not offered me any sense that my ways will shift back to my before-dog mindset. Especially when Willa is so fast asleep.


I know I am not the only one who shares a sleeping space with a pet. As much as I don’t know that my head can reconcile it fully, my heart is 100% sold!

As I close tonight, I am so grateful for these two faces that bring me such joy!


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